Bryteka // Australian Made Pottery

Bryteka // Australian Made Pottery

I absolutely love my coffee in the morning! I mean, who doesn't right? Mums, I'm particularly looking at you, sitting there with your swollen eyes from lack of sleep (lol me right now)... When I became more environmentally aware of the impact my everyday actions were having on our beautiful Earth, the first step I made was to limit my use of single use coffee cups. I bought a standard black plastic cup first. Nothing pretty about it, and it also wasn't made from sustainable materials. Years went by and I came across some "pretty" reusable cups but nothing really sturdy. When I came across Bryteka, I was immediately in love! The quality is impeccable, the design is stunning and I love the fact that each mug is an individual. Handmade by a 70 year old man on the Gold Coast of Australia, these cups boast style, individuality and practicality. This small family business has fantastic online customer service by the lovely Kat and I was really excited when they agreed to having Kaisha's Kollective stock their pottery.

They pride themselves on being an environmentally conscious business and use biodegradable packaging, recycled cardboard boxes and offset the carbon for their deliveries.

Welcome to KK!

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