Panpo Skin

Panpo Skin

I've been really excited to get this botanical facial oil in to the KK store! I've been using it for over a month now and absolutely love it!!!

Here's a little bio about Panpo skincare.

"We are a Melbourne skincare company that places your skin as our top priority. We know the effect of bad skin and how it affects our daily lives and confidence so we make strive to make the best possible product to transform your skin. We do not use filler ingredients, all 15 ingredients plays a vital role ensuring only the highest quality ingredients to maximise the efficacy for your skin.

Increased carbon dioxide (and equivalent) – CO2e – levels are a significant and harmful contributor to climate change. Therefore, we are proud to be a low waste company, we use recyclable glass bottles, biodegradable wraps, compostable cornstarch shipping satchel and we are partnered with a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Service."

I hope you love their product as much as I do!

Welcome to the team Panpo.

Kaisha x

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