Who Is Elijah

Who Is Elijah

So a customer came into our store one day and asked for some unisex fragrances. We didn't stock them at that time but it gave me a drive to find the ultimate unisex fragrance made naturally and made within Australia. When I came across Who Is Elijah I knew they were the perfect fit for Kai & Ko! I was over the moon when they agreed for me to become a stockist. Since having them just over a month now, I've already had to restock a couple of times! My customers absolutely love the two fragrances I stock of theirs. Who Is Elijah has simply nailed it with not only their unique blend of scents, but also their stylish written descriptions. Here is an exert from their website revealing themselves to their customers.


It started with an idea born in California, based on memories being made with people we love.

That idea became who is elijah.

The urge to create a fragrance to shock the senses, to inspire individuals and to
reminisce our time creating memories.

So who is Elijah? Go ahead, spritz to reveal another layer. We dare you.


elijah believes

  • In a cruelty-free world - it’s more humane to trial and test our fragrances on human bodies, not animals
  • The art of the fragrance should be reminiscent of a favourite memory
  • In local connections and unearthing the best of local communities, cultures and creations
  • A scent should intensify our passions, exaggerate our confidence and heighten our senses
  • Life is all about pleasure - live a life forged with fearlessness


To be the visionaries – transforming his and her desires, passions and expressions into a scent and fragrance that speaks to the unique character of every person, every place, every time and every experience.

Here’s to a collection that is growing and loved more and more with each
spritz. "

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