Ella from Found Store

Ella from Found Store

Hey everyone!

I contacted Ella a while ago regarding a little interview to get my blog up and running and the support from her was fantastic! I remember first chatting to Ella on Instagram many months ago. She was asking for some advice on how to get started with Shopify. Well I must of given some great advice because look at her amazing page just take off in such a short space of time!

She's an icon in the vintage reselling world and I'd one day love to go on a vintage shopping tour with her because my knowledge in this area isn't so great.

In this mini interview, Ella gives some great tips on modelling in front of the camera and gives a little insight to where vintage shopping began for her...

Let’s start from where it all began, how did your love for op-shopping begin? Was it someone who inspired you?

I read about vintage clothing in a vogue magazine when I was 13 and thought I’d try my local vinnies. I grew up in a small coastal town that was full of retirees so the fancy dress rack was always full of vintage. Didn’t take long before I was addicted to the hunt. I’d always loved looking at old family photos and checking out what everyone was wearing so I had a bit of an idea what I was looking for and was drawn to the history and the individuality of each piece.

When you walk into the op-shop, do you start at the start or work your way through particular sections?

Dresses and coats are what I love finding so depending on the season that’s where I’ll go first. But I always check out the men’s section too for oversized shirts, wool jumpers and vintage Levi’s.

Any essentials you take whilst on the hunt for treasures?

My glasses because I’m blind haha but I usually travel pretty light so I can rummage easily.

I see you sometimes feature your hubby on Found Store stories, is he also an avid thrifter?

He loved thrifting in the past but doesn’t do it as much anymore. Sometimes he will spot things in my hauls and take them for himself. There have been a few amazing fisherman jumpers meant for the store that he has ended up with.

Any tips for those amazing photos you manage to take? I cannot seem to get those elegant snaps you always so effortlessly pull off (haha)!
It’s taken lots of practice and I’m still learning to create good content. Good lighting is essential. I love beautiful warm light so I take my photos just after sunrise but sunset works too. Being comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera is important too. In the past I was quite tense and you could see it all over my face. I take photos with my front camera so I can make sure everything is in the frame and see what shapes work best. You learn your angles this way too.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Relaxed, minimal, natural.

Would you like to share a fact about yourself that we might not already know?

When I was 4 years old, my big brother convinced me there was treasure in our neighbours shed so broke in by knocking a hole in the wall to have a look. My own Mother took me to the police. I guess hunting for treasure was always a weakness of mine 😂


After this interview I felt like asking these questions were a little impersonal over the net, so we are hoping to meet up over the Chrissy holidays in Cresso!

Have a lovely week K&K fam.

Kaish x

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