Ella King // Bringing You "Lulu" Drop

Ella King // Bringing You "Lulu" Drop

Hello my beautiful KK shoppers!

I am SO BLOODY EXCITED to introduce you all to my beautiful friend, Ella! She has brought you all many of her own second hand clothes. She is also an op shop enthusiast (something I am relatively new to) and as of late will go to op shops around the Northern Rivers of NSW, find some awesome things and send them down to me! Ella is going to bring you the next drop, titled Lulu's drop (after her beautiful daughter). This drop will be made up of second hand clothes from her daughter's wardrobe PLUS some epic op shop finds. Her style is bold and fun!

I asked Ella a few questions about her love of op shopping and some advice on how to shop in the overwhelming environment of thrift stores. You really get to know her in these series of questions.

What is it that you about love op shopping?
Well to begin with, everything.
I love that your giving back to a charity.
I love that you are recycling clothing, so it doesn’t end up in landfill. I love the comfort of the op shop volunteers, the conversations you hear, the kindness of strangers. I always compliment people on their finds & in return are complimented.
I also absolutely LOVE giving back to the op shop I get a bag going most weeks to give back to the op shop. I’m a culler and I like to live with minimal as being a mum it makes it waaay fucking easier to clean up less crap!

Who got you in to op shopping? Was it something you did as a kid?
I was about 14 when I got into it. Me, Alarna and Em (still my best friends today) would catch the train to Sydney and hit up oppys, we would love to find vintage knits and dresses take them home and cut them up badly to make them more fitted and modern. We’d love random vintage pieces like old army shirts and silk nighties.

When you go op shopping, do you go through everything or scan for prints (I'm a bit of a scanner which I feel I can miss a lot)?
I literally trawl every piece, every section.
I look at every single piece. But if I don’t have all the time I need to do that, I go through a whole section. I really believe in checking it all out, that’s how I’ve found the goods. I’m thorough AF. If I’m feeling lazy and CBF I always look through the white section for tops and then everything denim.

I know I can sometimes get overwhelmed while op shopping. Is that something you go through? If so, how do you manage it?
It is overwhelming sometimes but if you focus on the possibilities of finding amazing one off pieces for soooooo cheap, you put the work in and it pays off.
I do a little affirmation walking in to an op shop and try to be calm and positive while looking, What you put out to the universe, I think you receive back and because it’s my favourite hobby I want to be having a nice time while scouting.

What’s your most fave op shop find?
Lua's "Arabella & Rose" flower girl dress for my sisters wedding. Just because of the sheer epicness of finding the perfect flower girl dress that fits in an op shop, I guess.
It’s the impossible finds that blow me away still!

If you could define your style in three words, what would they be?
Colourful, strong, feminine.
Her drop will be available to Kaisha's Kollective on Monday 17th August at 8pm.
Happy shopping! 
Kaisha xx

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