Generally Worn Interview- Sarah Louise

Generally Worn Interview- Sarah Louise

Over the years Instagram has shot up and become a huge online marketplace for preloved and vintage fashion. This is the space where Kai & Ko began (but I now use Instagram as a free marketing tool), much like the lovely Sarah Louise of Generally Worn. I came across Generally Worn about a year ago and immediately fell in love with her style, gained inspiration on how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed (something quite important for marketing, I've found) and also found inspiration on how to sell via a website. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah in our lovely town of Crescent Head while I was working in Coastal Folk. She's such a gentle and lovely soul who loves supporting our small town by holidaying here and spending her hard earned pennies in the beautiful store I work at. She kindly offered to help me in any way with my business and I immediately thought an interview would be wonderful. We did however do this via email as I wanted to ensure she enjoyed her holiday without having to do work things, exactly the kind of thing busy mums need and deserve.

So you're quite the fashion and interior design queen among the Instagram and sustainable businesses world, would you say you've always had a talent with style or was it something you studied?

I've never studied anything remotely to do with styling/fashion or interiors. I did do an Event Management course which guided me into wedding styling/planning. And within this realm, being able to bring a space together from nothing, to something, was pretty magical and inspiring for me. Over the years, this love has just enveloped me. It comes naturally to me to be able to source anything, to create a space/outfit etc. I wouldn't say I follow trends as such, but rather connect with pieces , and if they happen to be what's in fashion at the time, I will roll with it. I am authentically myself

How was Generally Worn born?

It was by accident really. I was originally selling jewellery and had a label called Arrow Divine. It took off, and was stocked in major retailers like Free People and fronted in surf campaigns like Billabong. It grew too big for what I wanted it to be in a short space of time, and while this was happening, my youngest daughter had health problems which soon later was diagnosed as a rare syndrome (unable to walk/talk/eat). I mentally felt like giving up on work, as I couldn't be a mother with all this extra responsibility and run a business with employees. I op shop all the time and I had been taking photos of what I had found just on my personal instagram account (not to sell, but rather to show off!) I had a number of people ask if they could buy what I had posted and I thought, maybe this is something I could do. So I started sourcing vintage and selling it on my jewellery website as a side hustle. I was selling out of everything every week I would upload, and immediately thought, this is it's own business. It met my creative needs, while I could be as busy or slow as I wanted with it. Fast forward a few years later and it's filled my soul whilst letting me be a mother. I take holidays/breaks when I need to!

This is an inspiring response! Wow! Kind of lost for words actually.

I also LOVED Arrow Divine and simply loved that jewellery label, who'd know I'm interviewing the founder of that too.

Lets move onto your style, on your About Me section of your website, you said you're inspired by the earthy 70s-90s, would you dare splash some vibrant colours to your wardrobe? If so, any brands you particularly love?

I'm not usually drawn to crazy bright colours, I never have been. But I have recently purchase a 2 piece knitted crop and skirt in pastel pink which feels very out of my depth! But if I'm not wearing vintage, some brands I love are Lucy Folk, Rollas for vintage style jeans, Nagnata, Kinga Csilla, Marle and Matteau for swimwear.

Who are your two style icons?

 I've actually love Nicole Richie for her effortless bohemian style. She just does her and isn't apologetic about it. And perhaps because we both have curly hair. I also love Erin Wasson - another person who is authentically herself. Has always dressed the way she does. Texan Beauty.

Tips for those looking to get into the vintage fashion game?

 Know your style/aesthetic. Be true to that. I think that's honestly the biggest one. If you are, it will naturally flow for you. It may take a while to see what your audience likes / doesn't. It's not going to happen overnight. You'll make mistakes and realise, no one wants that style dress...and you won't buy it again!

I try to stick to natural fabrics if possible. But if something has the right cut/colour etc, then I'll put into consideration.

Business is not an overnight success. You have to work hard to get it off the ground. Perhaps not advice for vintage fashion, but just business in general. I am sourcing pieces in the morning / night around my kids. And packing orders/photographing throughout the day. Running your own business is an around the clock job!

Do the kids/hubby love a particular signature dish you cook?

I am really on the soup train at the moment during winter. Cauliflower and leek is my go to. But homemade pizzas and getting everyone involved is also a winner with the kids!

Where do you go to feel at most yourself? Particular town, place in the house, shop, country?

Definitely at home. I am a homebody, always have been. We've moved interstate in the last 6 months, away from family and friends, and it's only just hit me. But I am very content with our new way of living. It's paradise here on the Sunshine Coast, and we are now a destination for our family and friends to travel and stay with us.

QUICK 3 (answer these questions within a second of reading them)

Margis OR Sours If you know me, you know its Margi's everyday of the week. It's my signature cocktail.

I had a feeling you'd be a margis chick! I'm chilli margs all the way.

Blazer OR denim jacket Hard choice! I'm going to say denim jacket as I usually dress down most days.

Warm up by the fire OR laying in the sun at the beach The Beach! It's my happy place! 


Sarah's website is and Instagram is @generallyworn

Go check her beautiful style out!

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