Hey guys! In this blog post I'd love to give you guys an insight into who I am, how my second-hand clothing journey begun (it was non-existent until only recently) and my ethos on living a sustainable (or trying to) lifestyle.

I grew up in western Sydney until I was about 11 then moved to Crescent Head (thanks mum and dad, BEST DECISION EVER). I'm a lover of the ocean, thrive in nature and around my friends. I've lived in Newcastle NSW (where I studied a teaching degree) and Cologne, Germany, but I came back (we always do) and here I am today... typing in Crescent Head at the bricks and mortar store Coastal Folk ready to finish my shift and see my loving man and 1 year old daughter. Then I'll probably go see my girlfriends who I feel like I haven't seen in a decade (1 week) and have an Aperol spritz (slices of orange in it too please).

Kaisha's Kollective is something that came from me having too many clothes. Quality clothes I purchased at ridiculous prices and just couldn't simply give away. I began selling on my personal Instagram which was great until it got too complicated. I then dedicated a whole new IG page to KK and that's when things really happened. Friends wanted me to sell for them, then people around Aus wanted me to sell for them and then I opened an online store which brings me to the now. Now Kaisha's Kollective sells for people all around Australia (and still selling for my own friends and myself). Through this online Instagram 'preloved clothing' community I found a great group of sellers who are passionate about the same thing- fashion and boycotting fast-fashion. You can help the environment and look great while doing it.

You know what's funny (or not) I spent most of my life (until 5 years ago) thinking that op shops and second hand clothing was kind of gross. Thank goodness I was awakened by a friend who showed me (through positive environmentally friendly behaviours) how my actions are affecting the environment. Particularly my everyday actions such as coffee drinking and fashion. This past year, thanks to second-hand clothing, I feel that fast-fashion or trends really do not play any part in my life anymore. By fast fashion I mean cheap, poor quality and unnaturally made clothing. I feel like I really know my style and what clothes make me happy!

I will not lie to you all by saying I ONLY buy second-hand because that simply isn't true. Though when I do buy something new, I put quality, material and its origin in mind. Unfortunately those cheap $5 tees just won't cut it for me anymore. A lot of my wardrobe is, however, now also second-hand! Thanks to awesome resellers who love the quality brand and quality materials that I love!

My whole ethos around sustainability is probably the same as most enviro lovers or as the word "sustainability" suggests, keep it beautiful for future generations. This vision has become stronger to me now I have my own child. I constantly reflect on my actions towards our environment. I understand that I am in no way perfect (we are not an entirely chemical free household, I use disposable nappies at the moment and COVID really killed me when I couldn't take my own coffee cup), but I also am trying to do many things in my everyday practice to limit the footprint our family has. That's why I have opened up my online store to provide more than just clothes. I'd love to share with you all my favourite products that help me live a more sustainable lifestyle.

It is lovely sharing my journey with you. Thank you for following along!

Kaisha xx

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