New look 🖤

So I had this idea... I really wanted to change the look and feel of what I had created. I felt that while the colours were in trend and the coastal theme played well in my favour, something still didn't feel right! I felt I was missing something... That something was indeed, myself! And this change was harder than I thought it would of been to make! It's funny because I was so worried about how this would effect my business, everything I've created! But here I am doing it anyway because I believe this is what I want, it represents me and what is best for the future of Kai & Ko.
The new colour scheme, typography, goddess vibe really appeals to me. I've forever been obsessed with the colours that shine from Egyptian mythology. The gold reminds me of elegance while the black reminds me of beauty. Terracotta is an earthy colour that has always strongly appealed to me while blush softens it all. Kai & Ko is also not meant to be purely feminine. I have added some new brands to my Ethical Products collection that are very much unisex and I hope to appeal to more male customers in the future.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, particularly by those with an eye for design; as I did this all by myself and would love to improve on these skills for the future.
Thank you all so much for your support during Kaisha's Kollective. It has allowed me to do THIS! Grow my business in to something I really want it to be NOW and in the future.
Sending you all love and light,
Kaisha x
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